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One Shot - Deadside Server


Welcome to One Shot, a brand new US West Deadside server! We are huge Deadside fans who want to create a friendly, long-lasting community that will grow with the game during development!

We are blown away by the alpha and so excited with the potential of Deadside. We cannot wait to see and play along with it's continued growth and development. We want to show our love for the game/devs and create a friendly yet competetive PvPvE server for all types of players to enjoy.

We hope to see you out there! Stay frosty.


Once in game click 'Join Server' and go to the 'Advanced Filter'

Type 'One Shot' in the search box and hit enter

Server Name: ‎‎One Shot


Join our Discord gaming community for server news, updates, admin help/reporting, giveaways, events and more!




Each rule will have it's own consequences and will be dealt with on a case by case basis by the admins.

No Tolerance Rules:

  • Absolutely no hate speech, racism, threats, doxxing etc. Any of this will result in a permanent ban.
  • Cursing is absolutely ok within reason. A fck here and a sht there is fine. Just no over the top cursing and insulting directed at individuals. Don't be a toxic jerk.
  • No abuse of unpatched bugs, floor/wall glitches, duping or anything of the sort. Please report these bugs in our discord so we can help the devs make this game even better!
  • No hacking. Report hackers and admins will watch, confirm and ban them immediately.
  • No spamming noise out of your mic
  • No promoting other servers
  • No Alt accounts for whatever reason; Extra storage, base, etc.


  • No griefing/spam killing nakeds. Sure if you kill someone running by that spooked you or is fighting you, kill them by all means. It's part of the game. But if you are toxically camping and ruining the game for someone who is respawning and struggling, we will give you a warning.
  • No griefing/camping the safe zone. A kill here or there is fine. Again, it is part of the game catching people traveling to safe zones. But if you are constantly camping and harassing players trying to enter and leave you may receive a warning.
  • Don't kill people who are clearly just harvesting wood and/or building their base. We aren't going to instantly ban this if it's occasional. It is part of the game. But if you are known to constantly just camp bases, kill builders, and take their supplies, we will have to have a chat.
  • Please refrain from toxic behaviour like killing someone, ragging their gear that you don't need/can't carry, and leaving the rags on their body. That is no fun for anyone. If you get a good kill, take the loot you need and can carry, and leave the rest for the person returning to their body or a sneaky scavanger.